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If you’ve read the first part of this series you’ve taken the plunge into reading a research paper in an area of your choosing. You found a paper that seems interesting, dissected the abstract and opened to the first page. Now when you start reading, the intro seems to echo like the abstract. Why would the author be repeating himself? And where did all this jargon come from? In this article we will be delving into the hook of any body of work: the intro. What to look for in a good paper, how it’s structured and what’s to come.

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A fundamental part of science fiction is the ability to traverse worlds in the blink of an eye. From Star Wars to Star Trek, in order to tell sweeping sagas of the cosmos, some form of faster-than-light travel (or FTL) is employed. This literary device is often used because the reality of space is that it’s pretty huge. With current technologies available to us, the nearest star would take almost 81,000 years to get to! Not a very compelling story, if you ask me. One of the ways to circumnavigate this inconvenient path was popularized in the hit TV show…

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So in order to stay literate on the going ons of the internet I’ve had to learn about something truly horrific. The Stock Market. But as a Zoomer it’s my duty I suppose to stay current. Here’s what I’ve learned in the past 24 hours about the stock market.

Last night my phone was blowing up over the newest viral trend, bankrupting hedge funds. Now I’m as excited as the next person when I see a rich finance bro go bananas on Facebook, but before I rush to Robinhood, what is going on in the first place? Now everyone on…

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A new study shows…

Scientist say that doing __ can kill brain cells…

Are you using this cleaner? Science now says that 8/10 people hate when you do!

Endless chatter on the web. Every day a new breaking study is popping up on socials and the news. But where does all this science come from?

In this series we’re going to break down how to approach reading scientific papers from start to finish. My hope is that you will eventually find them just as insightful as I do. The first problem to tackle is the why. Why do we even…

“No sweat, no beauty. No squat, no booty.” — Author Unknown

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For some, the pandemic has been a time to reconnect with their loved ones, a forceful time to sit without distractions and mingle with those we hold most dear. While the world is falling apart, the best people in our lives stand like a rock in the waves.

For others like myself however, the quarantine(s) fostered a batch of newly single folks out ready to explore the world of dating during a pandemic. But first things first, time to get the revenge body. If you’re like me, working out…

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